Welcome to Satisfied

Welcome to Satisfied

Take a moment to congratulate yourself

No matter how many years you have felt the chaos of the food thoughts and body bashing, you know there is still hope and an answer. I’m excited for you to experience the satisfaction with food you crave and start living the life you desire. Restrictive food rules and countless attempts to shrink yourself may leave you feeling deprived but it is time to harness the power of pleasure and enjoyment. There is a lighter, easier, and more joyful way. You know that in your soul or you would not still be searching.

My team and I are here to give you personal support and help you transform your relationship with food and your body, feel the empowerment satisfaction brings and, and drop the shame so you can start living as you were truly meant to live. 

It is your time to experience food and your body from a place of joy and to get your needs met. You have a voice that is meant to be heard and we love helping you trust it more and more with each day.

Thank you again for being a part of this program!

Let’s get started!