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Welcome to Break Free

Welcome to Break Free

Welcome to Break Free!

Take a deep breath. Feel the excitement of possibility and hope that comes with breaking free from years of battling food and weight. Exhale your doubt, years of perceived failure, and inner voice telling you it is not possible. We are about to start a journey together filled with laughter, tears, and new found joy. The hard days will teach us what we need to know to lessen their frequency and increase days of happiness and ease. Before you get started, check out the welcome video above to learn what to expect. 

Thank you again for being a part of this program!

Let’s get started!



Download Your Mindmap

This is your fillable guide to the course. Check off videos, exercise, and get prompted on milestones to celebrate. You can also use this to track where to return if you skip a module that is not resonating right away.

Health Pledge

Our promise and commitment to each other, to yourself, and toward the life you deserve to lead. Print it out. Sign. Share.


A beautiful collection of Mantras to live by during this course. Print them out and paste them in your journal.