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Welcome to Break Free

Welcome to Break Free

Welcome to Break Free!

The First Step is to Book Your Personal Welcome Session With Me. This one hour coaching session will jumpstart you to success. This course is interactive and personalized to you so I want to learn your story before you start. 

You do not need to prepare anything for the call. Just click here to find a time on the calendar. 

On this call, we will map out the next 12 weeks and give you clarity on how to use this program to get the results you crave. If on this call we discover this program is not the right fit, I will help you find the best path for you and refund your purchase. We both chose to work together or we don’t move forward. Feeling stuck is not the energy for growth and change so please don’t be nervous.

After the call, you will get access to each module weekly. You can get coached by sending personal notes to me within the course and by attending live office hours. Because we start the course with a personal call, when I coach you through email or in office hours you will feel more understood and supported. 

I will be keeping you accountable to completing the program. Too often we buy something and then get distracted. Rarely are we taught how to get what we came for. That is not the case here. I will personally know you and follow your journey. I will care and reach out if I don’t hear from you. I will want your dreams and results as much as you do. This is a 50/50 partnership. We will celebrate together. We will work through rough patches together. 

Let’s connect! Click here to find a time.