Are you ready to finally break free?

Break Free is a twelve-week interactive course designed to help you create brand new ways of relating to food, eating, your own body, and every area of your life. It’s ultimately about learning to trust yourself—on a level deeper than you’ve ever experienced before.

On average, $1600-3500 a year is spent on binging, overeating, or dieting aids and programs. Treatment for disordered eating can cost 9,000 to 13,000 annually on the low end. Not even factoring in new clothes for fluctuating sizes and even more important TIME lost. On average, 17 years of one’s life is spending on diets. You can have your health without food ruling your thoughts. 

Feel at peace with food and take control over your physical and mental health or your money back. 

It is that simple. You show up. I will guide you every step. No risk. 

The peace you’re seekingDOES exist.

It’s been inside you all along, it’s just been buried under the many layers of judgment and self-doubt, waiting for you to find your way back to it.

The Promise

Show up and complete the whole course. Show up on the group calls. Ask questions. Submit the homework and get feedback. Do the work. Don’t quit on yourself.

If you don’t feel free from food and ready to design your free life, ask for a refund. No questions asked.

If you show up and do all the work and think “I wish I did this sooner”, we will celebrate with a gift and you will receive 9 months of graduate support for lasting change. 

You just need to believe enough to get started.

The Break Free® journey takes you through these layers, teaching you techniques and new ways of thinking to navigate them as you go. You’ll uncover sources of self-love and empowerment that no diet can possibly teach (and in fact, most diets take you in the opposite direction.)

Plus you’ll come away with a whole new sense of who you are, what you’re worth, and what you can create in your life.

Kick off Call to start your journey with clarity and focus.

Weekly Course Lessons with Actions to Take. Submit your experience at the end of the week to get feedback from Karen directly.

Live Office Hours for Questions, Discussion, Coaching.

Once the course is over, you get support for 9 more months because 12 months of support is crucial to lasting change.

How do I know this?
Let me introduce myself. I’m Karen Diaz, Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. I’ve been working as a Dietitian specifically with eating disorders since 2005.
I’ve counseled thousands of women, ranging in age from 13 to 70 on how to shift their relationship with food, body image, and everything in between.

When it comes to food and eating, I’ve seen it all. I know every peak and valley in the process of reclaiming your personal power and trust. I know how to guide you through the dark and messy times, as well as how to calm the overwhelm that inevitably pops up.

Most importantly, I know what’s possible.

I’ve been privileged to witness the resilience of the human spirit in countless clients, to see people of all ages and walks of life liberate themselves from the grip of food obsession.

So, I can say with confidence that
YOU can
absolutelydo it too.
“I can’t say enough about Karen Diaz. She will change your life. I have struggled with food my entire life and it became completely out of control about 5 years ago. I gained 80 lbs and tried everything I could to lose the weight. Diets, weight watchers, worked with a personal trainer, etc. The problem was I was only treating the symptoms and not the cause. The only thing I was learning was what to eat which I already knew. I know what foods are healthy. I was missing the bigger picture. Karen moved me past the diet mentality and helped me look deeper at the root of the problem. I had so many “a-ha” moments working with Karen and want others to have the same experience. It’s an amazing feeling to not be thinking about food constantly or to place my self worth based on what I eat. It’s unbelievable how much time and energy I have gotten back. She is amazing!!” Jodi H
“I am having a hard time writing this because words don’t express what Karen did for me. Karen saved my life, or I should say Karen taught me how to save my life. I started sessions with Karen when my eating disorder was full blown, and I was very ill. My eating disorder took over my life. Karen stood by my side and guided me through all the baby steps of my nutrition along with tips of wisdom that opened the door to my recovery. Karen has been a consistent tool in my recovery. I have never encountered a nutritionist with so much knowledge and in-depth guidance. Karen’s professionalism and education are outstanding, but her ability to convey her messages made all the difference to me, and I am truly grateful.” Diane
If you’ve been struggling with food for a long time – maybe even your entire life – you may feel that you’re stuck in a cycle you can never escape.

Do you wonder if you will ever be able to stop obsessing over food? Are you tired of waking up in survival mode, promising today will be “good”? Do you fear nights and the intense food cravings or binges they always bring? Do you want the weight off already, simply to feel relief? Are you sick of dieting, deprivation, and guilt but have no clue what else to do? Do you see your children starting to struggle with food and criticize their bodies and want this cycle to end now?

Maybe you’ve heard these voices in your head before:

“The comfort I get from eating outweighs the benefit of doing well at the time I do it.”

“I don’t believe these intense cravings will ever go away and I don’t have the willpower to fight them.”

“I feel like I get one thing under control and another pops up—it’s exhausting!”

“I don’t really want to stop. There is true enjoyment in the food, at least to start, and the alternatives just aren’t as attractive.”

“I am an all or nothing person, and that is not going to change.”

“I am already overwhelmed. I don’t have time to do a whole course. It will just be another thing on my plate.”

“I’ll be less fun if I try to do this. I’ll be the one who doesn’t go out drinking anymore, who’s picking about the restaurants we go to… I’ll just be the one who’s obsession over food again.”

“Food HELPS me! It’s the only thing I look forward to.”

“When I’m thin I’ll be happy again—then maybe I can do a program like this. I should just diet and get the weight off first.”

“I don’t get the whole ‘intuitive eating’ thing. I don’t know how to eat normally or what that even means.”

“I have no willpower… I always fail… I’ll probably just fail again with this and feel worse.”

Or, if you’re honest:

“I don’t really want to stop. There is true enjoyment in the food, at least to start, and the alternatives just aren’t as attractive to me.”

Let me just say first: I hear you.

I know how real those thoughts feel. I know they feel real not just because they repeat themselves in your mind, but because you’ve lived with them as truth for a long, long time. You might feel like they are the truth… hard and inescapable.

And that’s just fine.
But if you’re here, I also know that you’re exhausted by those thoughts. And I know that something deep inside of you – maybe a whisper, maybe a scream – is refusing to let you fully accept that the rest of your life will be dictated and driven by them.

This is a very personal journey. Everyone in our community arrives with different life experiences, different struggles, different roles that food has played in their lives, and different strategies for dealing with all of it.

That’s why the Break Free course is NOT a diet. It’s not a fixed-in-advance method of losing weight, something where if you just “follow the rules,” you will “be successful.”
Instead, the Break Free course is all about helping you to start to listen to that other little voice: the one that led you to this website, to this page, the one that has kept you going through the roughest times. That voice has a lot of answers. It knows when and what your body wants to eat; it knows how to truly enjoy a small piece of wedding cake, and it knows how to stop before you have the next one. It knows that feelings of stress, overwhelm, guilt, and anger don’t last forever, and it can remind you of that even when your emotions feel totally out of control.

You might be thinking…

“Okay, okay, I think I know what you’re talking about, but my other thoughts are WAY STRONGER! I always get inspired when I think about really listening to myself, really trusting myself, making healthy choices… but as soon as I’m around food, forget it! I lose all my control again, and then I just feel sick and guilty afterwards. I just end up back in the cycle. How is this going to change all that?”

Here are some of the ways:

I know that during the course of the ten-week journey, you’re most likely going to “mess up.” You’re going to binge, you’re going to feel overwhelmed, you’re going to want to give up and run away. It’s never about stopping that from happening; instead, it’s about using those moments as opportunities to become more aware of your habits, and to make different choices than you have in the past.

Those moments when you return to patterns and still show up, are the moments that lead to break throughs. And that is also why I build in an additional 9 months of support. You are never alone.

You’ll have support to lean on. While the work is yours to do, having connection and guidance is the magic that to you over the finish line. There are multiple avenues to choose for support, feedback, and coaching.

There’s a beautiful reciprocal effect that I’ve witnessed taking place in community: you get a chance both to be helped, and to help. Asking questions on calls or listening to others will be there to help you recharge with self-belief and determination. There will also be a moment when you’re feeling strong, and listening to your call will offer wisdom to someone else. Through this continuous interchange, we all lift each other up.

Your intuition – your inner guidance – is often buried under layers of guilt, self-judgment, and habitual thought patterns that you’re barely aware of. The Break Free course helps you journey into those layers step by step so that they’re less likely to knock you off your feet. And in the process, you automatically get closer to the center of truth inside of you—the place that has all of those answers.

The Break Free course is also based on science: the science of food and nutrition, the science of weight loss, and the science of stress and its physiological effects. It combines straightforward facts about the body and mind with the personal journey I’ve just described. This is super important because it means that certain things are guaranteed: mainly, as you will learn in the first module, science has literally proven that when you take yourself out of a starvation mindset, the destructive, self-defeating thoughts WILL start to go away. You may have a thought that those truths won’t apply to you… but I can promise that they will.

  Proof This Is The Answer

  • Learn exactly how to maximize your likelihood of success in recovery – so you never relapse again!
  • Start to see your struggle through a scientific lens
  • Understand deeply why instant gratification is not an option here
  • Begin the process of becoming conscious of your thoughts and feelings

 Think Like a Scientist

  • Learn how applying the mind of a scientist helps us take the emotion out of challenging food choices
  • Gather data without judgment to learn everything you need to know.
  • Tune out the noise and ignore diet advice so you can start with a clean slate
  • Embrace the struggle and learn how to listen to what it’s trying to tell you

 Create a Diet Free Zone

  • Replace “diet foods” with whole foods that are truly satisfying
  • Explore new recipes and sections of the grocery store to create new solutions
  • Start testing your own theories and doing your own mini experiments
  • Release the “diet rules” that have been running your life for years
  • Figure out what makes the most sense for YOUR life, body, and health

 Hit The Reset Button

  • Learn how to pick meals that taste and feel good to increase your satisfaction
  • Get tuned into the foods and meals that work best for your body
  • Reset your metabolism so your body trusts it will be nourished.
  • Understand how to follow reach your goals without it feeling like another diet
  • Learn the different levels of fullness and how to start leaving food on the plate

 Crush Cravings

  • Face cravings head on without fear of losing control. 
  • Experiment with different meanings behind a craving.
  • Experience foods you crave in a completely new way that will make them less powerful. 

 Start To Dream

  • Identify desires you forgot about or have no energy left for because food and body goals exhaust you. 
  • Start to dream—and awaken the passion and motivation that will see you through the rest of the course

 Body Talk

  • Mentally I feel better, food is no longer ruling my brain, but I still want to lose weight. Now what?
  • What will your relationship with your body look like over next year.
  • Dive into how setting boundaries is related to confidence and satisfaction.
  • Smash the scale and get rid of its seductive power!

 All Things Health 

  • Develop your personal health manifesto that feels amazing to you! (Hint: This is not where I now put you on a diet)
  • Truly learn and plan to experience how health goals and weight goals relate for real.
  • Get clear on what you know about health verse what “health culture” makes you think you should do and feel rock solid moving forward. 
  • What do you do if you have health goals you want to address without fear of sliding back to old ways.

 Growing Confident Setting Goals

  • Quiet your inner critics that tell you setting a goal will set you back into diet/restriction mode. 
  • Get comfortable trusting yourself to know what you desire and create results you want.
  • Reinvent how you do hard things and decide what you really want in your life. Living a free life requires knowing what is worth your time and attention. 

Moving Forward

  • What to expect now that food has less power.
  • Raising healthy, intuitive eaters. How to duplicate food freedom with your kids. 
  • Evaluating if you may need additional solutions to address anxiety, focus, gut health, and more.

The 10 powerful Modules are only one layer of support

you’ll find within the Break Free Program.

In addition to these Modules, you’ll also have access to: 

 ~ Weekly Video Lessons where I walk you through the core concepts of each topic you need to tackle to be successful on this journey. Inside the course you can interact by submitting work and getting feedback.

~ PDF downloadables to enhance your learning from each Module 

~ Private ways to get coached to facilitate your journey toward true self-love and body confidence 

~ LIVE weekly office hours where you can ask me any questions that are coming up for you in real time 

There will not be a group to join so you can stay focused on your own journey, but you can benefit from others being coached during office hours.

Are you ready to join the break free course?
Sometimes it is hard to remember a time when eating and weight were not an issue. Everyday feels like a broken promise to yourself when the scale is up a pound, when your healthy breakfast and lunch turn into an afternoon of mindless snacking, and when you can barely focus on being present with your kids as you fight the urge to head toward the pantry.

The promise of tomorrow doesn’t feel as motivating anymore. You are starting to doubt change is possible. As you brush your teeth you look in the mirror and barely recognize the reflection staring back at you. This is not who you are or who you want to be. You know you were meant for more. The hope that you simply haven’t found the answer yet is alive again. This is no time to give up no matter how exhausted you feel in your search for peace and calm around food and weight.

Do you want to spend another day waking up in survival mode hoping to make it until bedtime without binging? Dreading the feeling of fullness and guilt that come when you feel the loss of control at the end of the day. Stop living your life in chaos and start developing the skills to create peace and calm with food. You don’t have to believe in yourself enough to see this through, I will do that enough for you.

My promise to you: Show up and complete the whole course in 10 weeks. Show up on the group calls. Do the private calls. Submit the homework and get feedback. Do the work. Don’t quit on yourself.

If you don’t feel free from food and ready to design your free life, ask for a refund. No questions asked.

If you show up and do all the work and think “I wish I did this sooner”, we will celebrate with $100 donation to a charity of your choice when you share your experience with me. 

You just need to believe enough to get started.

What Break Free members have to say:
“My journey to the Free Life began after I attempted my very last crash diet. My sisters wedding was a month away and I had a dress I was determined to fit into, if only I could lose 15lbs and wiggle my way into it. I spent $200 on a quick fix program that started with pills and some magical spray you used each day to curb cravings and reset your hormones . . . It also started with 2 days of a “binge/fat load” feast to prepare your body to starve for the next month or however many weeks it took to meet your weight loss goal. I did the first 3 days of the diet and just couldn’t continue. I was capital D O N E! After 20 plus years of yo-yo dieting, restricting, binging and the scale ruling my mornings and body image, I had finally had enough…

I researched some articles and came across Karen on the Huff Post. Her words were so inspiring and I knew immediately she and this program were different. The article spoke of not just putting your scale away out of sight, but literally smashing it. Which is exactly what I did that morning. I smashed the scale into little tiny pieces. Then I placed the diet pills and spray next to it and snapped a picture. I sent that picture to Karen, contacted her and signed up the very next day.

I’ve spent literally thousands and thousands on health coaches, personal trainers, read countless health and fitness books and researched everything not understanding why in my life food and weight have always been an issue. Most every other area of my life was successful, awesome family and career, fun social life with a great network of friends. I appeared to “have it together”, however I spent so much time consumed with calories, fat grams, eating plans, macros and the damn scale. It was exhausting.

Working with Karen changed everything, my approach to health and wellness, my overall well being and balance in my life. People always want a quick fix or for someone to tell them the exact steps to take to achieve optimal health and weight. I was missing the point for so long and what I gained with this program was so much greater than I expected!

I gained a calmness and confidence with my relationship with food and my body, I lost my calorie counting apps and wasted time obsessing about the perfect diet and clean eating. I gained more time and focus on what matters, my vision and passion for life. I lost the anxious feeling of “will today be a good day or bad day” surrounding food choices. I gained the love for treating my body really well, nourishing it with what feels good, movement and exercise that energizes me. I lost seeing the calories burned on a treadmill solely as permission to eat a little larger dinner. I lost the scale and gained some more room in my jeans. Pleasant side effect to living the Free Life!

Karen is so authentic, caring and intuitive. She exceeded my expectations in every way. This program is the best investment I’ve ever made for my health and happiness. Thank you, thank you!!” Valarie V

“I’m going to try to summarize what working with Karen did for my life. I say “try” because it may be impossible to describe what a different person I am today. In all areas of my life. This is about food, yes… but it’s so much more. I feel like a giddy little girl most days, and (!!!) have all the tools I need to live my life the way I always thought I could. My husband summed it up looking at me one night as I was talking to him about something (I can’t even remember what it was now) and he just shook his head and said jokingly, “I am so in awe of you these days… like, who are you?!”

Looking back, any of the concerns of “will this work for me” “is it a good investment” etc. were irrelevant because immediately after committing to the work, I could see that Karen was in this 100%. More if possible. She was going to meet me where I was and work through it with me no matter what as long as I was open to the work. And I was open to it most definitely. So, if I wanted it, it was mine. There was no way I could fail. And that was an awesome way to feel. In fact, now that I think about it – that’s pretty much how I take on anything these days: with inevitable success. Sure, trip-ups are going to happen – but the thought of it doesn’t paralyze me anymore – because I just have to show up, do the work, and be open to the good stuff. And by the “good stuff” I mean the journey.

I am so thankful for Karen and her work. It’s a gift. Having gone through the program, it’s hard to put the value of it into dollars… I would pay it 10x over – no question.” Meadow

“I am a clinical psychologist who has worked in the eating disorder field for over 15 years. Collaborating with Karen has been such a joy in that she truly understands the complexities inherent in changing one’s relationship with food. Karen takes a holistic approach to nutritional counseling by encouraging clients to explore beliefs, emotions and behaviors associated with eating and food. Karen is committed to understanding the individual needs of her clients and works collaboratively to create the best possible plan for long-term change. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone who is ready to experience freedom from the pain of disordered eating.” Rebecca Ehrke
“At first when I started spacing our sessions to every two weeks, I thought I would be in big trouble and flounder alone in the world of IE (intuitive eating) especially this week when I had to cancel, but I have to tell you it has actually been very healthy for me. I have been working very hard on my issues, using Geneen Roth’s “why weight” workbook combined with your VERY practical and personal tips for IE. While I cannot say I have been near perfect, I really feel like I know what to do at any given time. Specifically: I do not eat while feeding the kids, I really make sure its what I want PLUS I am hungry, I delay when stressed, I meal plan and do not wait until I am starving, instead of waiting to think about what I really want I just go for the healthy option, I snack everyday at 4 ish – my starving time and make a plate to sit down with, I try to include fruit, protein, and carbohydrate like graham crackers with snack, etc etc. So just to let you know, I did not want you to be concerned that all your teachings were going out the window. No, it is the opposite. I am really reaching inwards and forcing myself to LEARN how to change my habits.” Sima
“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything you have done for me while I was in treatment. I could not have done this without your pushing me to question things and challenge me. You are wonderful at your job… .the only nutritionist I have had that I liked working with! Thanks again!” Kendall
“Dear Karen, I think of you often and am forever grateful for all the help you gave me and the tools that I continue to use during hard times. You are amazing at what you do!” Julianna
“I hit a very low point in my struggle with disordered eating. I was searching around on the internet one day and typed in “nutritionists for disordered eating” and just like that Karen’s website popped up. I looked through the website with excitement and sent an email to set up my meeting with Karen. She recommended I read the book “Intuitive Eating” before our first meeting. I ordered it from Amazon and read it. It was enlightening and by reading it I knew that working with Karen on the principles from the book was just what I needed. From the very first Skype session with Karen she was always so supportive and encouraging. Never once did she criticize my eating habits as other nutritionist’s had. Her attitude was a breath of fresh air and exactly what I needed. I have worked with her now for about four months and through Skype sessions and email support I am on the road to recovery and feeling confident that this time I will succeed in recovery. I am no longer scared of food, I no longer believe a diet is my answer. I have learned and am still learning to respect my body, treat it right, and feed it what it craves and what it needs. I cannot express how much working with Karen has changed my perspective not only on my food issues but on everyday issues in life as well. I will forever be grateful for her and her work.” Jen D
“I have been getting help from Karen for a little over a month now and I can tell you I have already seen a huge difference in my eating habits. Before I decided to seek help for my eating problems, I thought there was no way that I was ever going to be cured of them but here I am only a month later and I can tell with just a little more time, I will be back on the road to a normal eating life. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and understanding which are three very important elements to a dietitian, or any professional for that matter. I would recommend her to anyone who asks and I will continue to get help from her in the future.” Morgan
“Karen has been such an amazing part of my eating disorder recovery. After trying to work with other dietitians, I had finally found one who was both committed to my recovery and excited for the journey it entailed. Karen was able to provide continual support, understanding exactly where I was on my road to recovery but there to challenge me one step further. She truly considered more than just the food, looking to understand why my relationship with food was the way it was. Of course, when it came time to discuss food and nutrition, she had such great insight and was extremely knowledgeable. I am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Karen and I hope many others can get to know what a phenomenally kindhearted person she is.” Megan
“Karen has helped me tremendously. Although I am still in the beginning recovery stage of my eating disorder, Karen has taught me so much! Her recipe are delicious and her plans are just so realistic, simple, and healthy. I feel like I am eating better than I ever have. Being a teenager, I wasn’t sure if Karen would be able to help or understand me, but she can, and she did! I definitely will use her advice and help when I go to college next year. Thanks Karen for teaching me to eat healthier and for helping me feel better!” Rachel
“Thank you for helping me change my life, and showing me a new direction with endless possibilities, and helping me develop the courage to follow my dreams!

What a crazy ride it has been..” DL
“About four weeks ago I contacted Karen to help me lose weight and eat balanced meals. I don’t have an “eating disorder” but I was eating in a “disorder way.” Unlike most diets that make you eat certain foods, I wanted to keep eating the foods I like rather than going on someone else’s prescribed food regime. Karen was fantastic! I sent her a list of the foods I enjoy and she took that list and shaped it into a great eating plan for me. She worked right with me every step of the way and never pressed me to eat foods I hate. I only eat the foods I enjoy but now in a more balanced way. Then she taught me how to make food substitutions, how to make choices in restaurants, and how to make choices at dinner parties. I’m losing weight and feeling better. With her help I know that I’m eating well balanced meals. “Thanks for your great guidance.” I look forward to continuing to work with her. She’ very pleasant to talk to and has a great sense of humor. I can recommend her without reservation.” Bobby
“Everyday I am feeling better and better. I’ve been following Karen’s advice on healthy eating (healthy living) and it has made a tremendous difference in my life. I’ve lost weight, been exercising, and found a better way to eat and think about food. I’ve enjoyed many nutritious and delicious meals along the way. I look forward to reading her motivating blogs and will continue to follow her nutritional advice. Just wanted to say “Thank you, Karen” for helping me find a better, healthier life style.” Mary
“I am so glad Karen has a knack of making confidence contagious. I just went out and bought a new red lipstick yesterday!” Ronnie P.
“Win win!!!! I’m going to the doctor today to check up on my blood pressure. I know he is going to weigh me so I weighed myself this morning. First time ever that it didn’t make me crazy. I was ok. It’s just a number not me. I was tired of being afraid of the weight number. I don’t want anything to hold me captive in fear.” Erica